I have a dream that one day all the nations of the world will live peacefully together as one.

There will be a new order – the real order of the cosmos – without different religions and man-made belief systems that lead us to war. There will be peace and happiness. There will be a true understanding of the world and human beings. There will be a new religion: US.

We are the creators of everything that was, is and will be.

We are the ones. It is time to collectively evolve as humans. We need to unite and forget the old belief systems. We need to respect and support each other. The higher purpose of life is to evolve, both mentally and physically; by doing so we can make the world better for you, for me and for everybody. Why am I talking about these things? Because it is maddening how people kill and hate each other due to their old beliefs and religious dogmas. It’s nonsense how we fight for no reason. We all are human beings living on this planet. It doesn’t matter what colour your skin is. We all have emotions, we all have fears, we all love and we all hate. Those are the things that connect us.

I call upon people to free their minds and forget the beliefs which separate us. WE ARE THE ANSWER. We create and make everything, as I said before. Do you want to live in a world in which there is peace? Are you ready for it? We all have the power to change the world forever, if we unite our powers. Thank you to everyone who sees the light on our way.

© GaiaLux 2018